Dichos are sayings or proverbs that are handed from generation to generation as a way to preserve and teach important aspects of cultural wisdom, insight and philosophy. They are common in most cultures and they are definitely, por seguro, part of Latino folklore.

Dichos often rhyme, are meaningful and sometimes they are humorous which makes them more memorable. Dichos help us drive home points about life and circumstances and they are important cultural vehicles that share knowledge about our cultural values. Dichos, often passed down from parents and grandparents, help teach us to understand life.

We start each Latino Network meeting with a board member sharing a dicho, translating it and describing its significance to life and business. We share a few below for your enjoyment and will periodically add dichos to this page.

Del plato a la boca se cae la sopa

From the plate to the mouth the soup spills

This dicho cautions us that when carrying out our plans many things can happen along the way in the execution of those plans, so nothing is 100% certain in life.

Un jefe dice – hazlo tu; un líder dice – vamos hacerlo

A boss says you do it, a leader says let’s do it

You have to coach, guide, mentor, demonstrate when providing training or instruction; you don’t just blindly lead and expect things to get done effectively.

Solitos somos una gota de agua; juntos somos el mar

Individually we are but 1 drop; together we are the ocean

Many things are more achievable when we work together as a team. The positive synergy created from effective teamwork is valuable.

Una abeja no hace una colmena

One bee doesn’t make a beehive

It takes a community to build, to care, to support, to nurture & to contribute to the development of others.

Haz el bien sin ver a quien

Do good without seeing to whom

Work with others freely regardless of their differences.

No hay mal que por bien no venga

There is no bad thing that doesn’t happen for good

Every cloud has a silver lining and each challenge creates an opportunity.

Dime con quien andas y te dire quien eres

Tell me who you are running with and I will tell you who you are

This dicho reminds us to be mindful of the company we keep, who we associate with and who we are influenced by.



Sometimes when we celebrate we need to spare no expense. Sometimes we need to splurge on special celebrations.

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